Knysna Forest Marathon 2021

The Knysna Forest Marathon is pleased to host the Knysna Forest Hybrid Marathon 2021


Entry Fee: R 190.00

Shirt Cost: R 240.00

Entries open 15 February and close 15 May 2021 (or when limit is reached)
Entries are through only.
No phone, fax or telephone entries will be accepted.
To enter, you will be required to create a profile on
The entry fee includes a Knysna Forest medal and buff.
Medal, buff and those who have ordered a shirt will be delivered to your nearest running club (if the club allows) or will be delivered to the address given by you.
(If you are a group of friends/family/runners please combine and give one address.)
Please ensure to give your nearest street address for delivery or your running club that has someone that can collect with a name and contact number of that person.
We will mark out a 10km and 21km route in the Knysna Forest, where you can come run your Virtual race.
Information will be sent out to each runner before 15 June 2021.
NO refunds available
Distances available: 10km, 21.1km, 42.2km,

The distance selected must be run on 10/11 July 2021.
Each runner/group/family/friend can post a picture to our Facebook page.
Please adhere to social distancing regulations and stay safe.
Runners times must be uploaded to their profiles created.
Please go to and click “My Orders” at the top right.
Click the “Submit Time” button next to your order to submit your time along with your name.

The race entries for the Knysna Forest Marathon are CLOSED.
We have been considering all the options available to us. Due to Covid-19 and the vaccines not being available for the general public in time, the possibility that the 2021 Forest Marathon will not take place in the normal format is being considered. The main focus is to keep everyone safe.

In the case of timeous changes to the regulations regarding sporting events, that allows an actual race with up to 3000 runners the following will apply:- The migrated entries from 2020 (2900 total) and the early bird entries (100) will run the event. Medals and ordered t-shirts will be handed out at the event.
If we are not allowed to host the actual event all the migrated and early bird entries will be entered into the “2021 Virtual Forest”. The “2021 Virtual Forest” event will then go ahead and another 1000 entries will be made available. The distances offered for the “2021 Virtual Forest” will be 42, 21, 10km. All medals and ordered Forest t-shirts as well as a free “buff” will be couriered to the runners.

Everyone that has entries to 2021 forest marathon will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please contact the Forest secretary in case that you have entered and do not receive a confirmation e-mail., SMS or WhatsApp to 076 195 4832.

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09 - 11 07 21


All Day


10th July,
11th July,
9th July