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    The following is an agreement between:

    Which will form part of the official Virtual Knysna Oyster Festival programme and the Virtual Knysna Oyster Festival Management Committee

    In this agreement and unless the content clearly indicates a contrary intention:

    1. EVENT MANAGER means the person appointed by the company or organisation responsible for the coordination of the above-mentioned event which forms part of the official 2021 Knysna Oyster Festival (KOF) programme;
    2. The EVENT means the event being coordinated by the EVENT MANAGER;
    3. The FESTIVAL means the annual Knysna Oyster Festival (KOF). Reporting and engagement with the Festival will be through and with the FESTIVAL COORDINATOR.
    4. FESTIVAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE means the representatives appointed by the KOF NPC, in conjunction with Visit Knysna and a representative from the Knysna Municipality’s Economic Development Department, to manage the coordination of the Festival.
    5. FESTIVAL STEERING COMMITTEE means the body, with the Festival Management Committee, responsible for the collaboration and coordination of the Knysna Oyster Festival on behalf of the Greater Knysna Area;
    6. OFFICIAL FESTIVAL SPONSOR means companies that the Festival reached an agreement with to become an official sponsor, if applicable. A potential Official Sponsor would negotiate with the KOF Management Committee;

    A Agreement
    This agreement contains the terms and conditions of the agreement reached between KOF Executive Committee and the Event Manager in respect of the coordination of the Event.
    Any changes to any of the matters agreed upon will only be effective if in writing and signed on behalf of both parties.

    B Duration of Agreement
    This agreement shall endure from the date of signature until 31 August 2021:08:01