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Knysna Oyster Festival Goes Virtual in 2020

Virtual Application 2020

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The Knysna Oyster Festival Management Committee in April shared a media statement that this annual festival would only reconvene in 2021. However, Some good news – as we have had to cancel the “Knysna Oyster Festival 2020” KOF in its normal form but, we as Knysna believe that we can’t lose the footprint of this event. So it gives us great pleasure and excitement to announce that the Virtual Knysna Oyster Festival (VKOF) 2020 is going ahead.

From Saturday, 27 June until Saturday, 4 July 2020 we will be hosting the Virtual Knysna Oyster Festival

Planning is underway and we would like to encourage our local community and 2020 applicants to take this opportunity to be a part of this year’s Virtual Knysna Oyster Festival. The main components of the programme will include sporting events and activities, all in virtual formats. The promotion of the greater Knysna area will form that backbone of the promotion, focusing on the core niches that we have to offer

The opportunity is also available to local artists, performers and anyone who is keen to be involved in promoting their creative skills: these can include art and craft lessons, yoga classes and even knowledge-based webinars. The annual anchor events of the Knysna Cycle Tour and Knysna Forest Marathon are currently planning the formats that they will roll out participation in their event offerings. Details will be published as they unfold.

We would like to appeal to all interested local musos, artists, caterers, comedians, et al who feel that they have an offering that would attract large audiences, to visit the website and complete the online application form to host an event. There will be a vetting process to ensure that there is not a duplication of offerings, whilst ensuring that a high standard of delivery will be achieved. Events would select their own format for presentation, produce their own content material and possibly even garner funding opportunities through their show. All events will be promoted and presented through the Knysna Oyster Festival social media platforms and YouTube links.


Position greater Knysna area as a lifestyle destination
Involve Knysna community in the hosting and production of the offering
Stimulate Knysna winter economy, especially during / from Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Create virtual platforms for online viewers who would like to have been a part of this year’s Festival and now not able participate in Knysna.
Employ tactics for broad engagement, interaction and awareness
Promote Knysna Oyster Festival 2021
Opportunity for visitors to contribute towards sustainability, including food gardens and community initiatives

Delivery of Event
VKOF to encourage event organisers to participate in the event. Each event to be created arranged and presented by the event organiser
VKOF to vet all event proposals to ensure that they comply with the VKOF branding, material presented
Only approved events will be listed on the VKOF program of events
Each event to promote itself through the events own marketing channels
VKOF will promote all accredited events on all platforms available to the event

Events and Activities
Event organizers should consider what type of event will attract a following
There is no point in investing in a concept that will not be interesting for the viewer – as noted during the COVID-19 lockdown a number of new initiatives have been explored. Key amongst them all are:
Short interesting content
Professionally produced (although an amateur event)
Well promoted (by the event) just prior to the show – event
Live streaming through Facebook or YouTube is trending and is simple to stream and set up
Short pre-recorded topical comedy or interviews attract large audiences
Event Funding Models
Event income : Each event must be self-funding and approach their own sponsors. Events should to see if they can leverage a fee for participation to join the events (although this may detract from getting participants)

Festival promotion producer – with technical expertise : To put pre-received footage (for festival into packages and coordinate on the days of event presenting)
Live streaming facility: Facebook or YouTube (coordinated through Festival Promotion Producer)
Event Managers
These are the hosts of the events that apply. It is their responsibility to identify format of their event, production, ensure all issues pertaining to the roll out thereof (eg. Donations to charities, that funding links, etc) are put in place
Visit Knysna, with assistance from WESGRO, will market the overall VKOF through the following channels: Facebook, Short YouTube teasers, Live streaming, Instagram, Twitter
Conventional Radio Media Adverts : AlgoaFM & Cape Talk
KOF website that will include all events and a calendar

All queries can be directed to the festival coordinator on

Event submission applications must be done by the 31 May to be considered for the festival programme.

Details on the website

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